For the first time in your XP history will sell 100% Bitcoin background

One of the largest brokers in Brazil, XP Investimentos, has announced that for the first time in its history, it will be trading a 100% Bitcoin fund

For the first time in its history XP Investimentos, one of the largest brokerage houses in Brazil, has announced that it will negotiate a 100% Bitcoins based fund.

So, according to a statement sent to Cointelegraph, from this Thursday (21), XP will offer its clients the Hashdex Bitcoin Full 100 FIC FIM fund.

We are experiencing a unique moment in humanity. Bitcoin is fantastic‘, says William Ribeiro from ‚Dinheiro Com Você‘ channel

Hasdex product, available since October, was created, according to the company, with the objective of attending a demand of the so called Bitcoin Evolution an enthusiastic public of cryptomoeda that was looking for a fund that only contemplated the asset.

However, the fund is not the only one, nor the first in Brazil, authorized by the Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM) to offer 100% exposure at Bitcoin. The QR BTC MAX FIM IE fund was approved by the CVM on October 1, 2020.

Thus, QR Capital’s fund was considered the first „purist“, 100% backed by Bitcoin and can be acquired at Órama and, according to QR, will soon be listed on other platforms; also available on QR Asset Management’s website.

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In the case of the Hashdex fund, besides XP who also started trading the fund was the broker Rico.

Turned to qualified investors, the fund counts with net worth of $ 48,5 mns and for having less then six months in the house portfolio it still can’t have its performance divulged.

Brazilian trainee leaves everything to become day trader, loses all the economies but then profits US$ 2,5 thousand.

Without performance tax, the product has a minimum investment of US$ 1 thousand for new quota holders and a maximum tax of 1,75%.

The fund is recommended for bold investors and applies its resources in the Hashdex Bitcoin I FIM which, in turn, invests in financial assets issued and traded abroad.

„Hashdex Bitcoin Full 100 FIC FIM is our fourth fund that is available for XP clients and the second at Rico. We deliver a product that offers simplicity and security for the investor who seeks to have a regulated exposure to currency, all this in a fund that has a custodian like Fidelity Digital Assets,“ explains Marcelo Sampaio, CEO of the company.